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AGRINOME™ for Research Nursery

Nursery, either in single or double stage form, is important to provide high-quality planting material for new plantation area and replanting program. With good nursery management practices, the palms are temporarily stored and nurtured to healthy and vigorous levels, and remain uniform in their physiology that is ready to be adapted to natural environments in the field. In the oil palm industry, there are research and commercial-based nurseries, where the plants are cultivated for short-term experimental trials (e.g. disease resistance) following the breeding program and for mass propagation of planting materials, respectively.

AGRINOME™ for Nursery modernizes the conventional data collection method by having digital barcode, mobile application, offline synchronization between device and cloud database for large-scale nursery experiment management in breeding trials. The information is digitally organized into programmes/trials interlinked with germplasm data and field performance data. With these big data with high veracity in place, AGRINOME™ analytics is able to drive the future smart selection of highly potential and best performing parental materials for new breed generation.

Smart tagging for
automated data collection.

Research-based nursery often involves thousands of oil palm samples for different phenotypical and physiological tests and requires extensive human resources to identify the palms, monitor and record primary data as well as perform sampling for secondary analysis such as nucleic acid or metabolite profiling. Our Nursery App helps to identify digitally tagged palms (through QR codes, RFID or equivalents) and create flexible recording forms for the mobile users to key in their observations and measurements, under both online or offline conditions, and made available to Nursery Manager for data access in near real time speed.

The software uses digital tagging such as QR barcode or RFID to recognize the unique identity of thousands of individual palms in the nursery. This allows the capture of palm observation and monitoring of nursery activities can be done digitally and reflect in the dashboard and management portal in real-time.

The software allows the user to customize their recording parameters on the mobile application to suit different experimental or operational needs. For example, a officer who runs experiment on disease tolerance may customize a recording form consists of disease severity index, observation on the leaf color and status of the palm (dead/alive).

Our software allows data recording without internet connectivity, addressing the problems that the internet is poorly available in the nursery or in the field. The data related to the experiment/trial/project can be synchronized to mobile application when the internet is available. Then data can be recorded under offline condition and then synchronized back to the cloud database when the network is available.

Digital management for
your research nursery.

Research-based nursery is often used to test the outcomes of the breeding trials, such as tests on disease susceptibility and abiotic stress tolerance, before they were selected to be planted in the field or being sold to potential clients. Our Nursery Manager helps to create, organize and update nursery experiments and manage the collected data in real time.

The software allows user to create multiple experiments with different objectives and recording parameters, and assign to specific personnel with access controls. These experiments can be managed through web-based management portal by adding progeny/palm, view and edit recorded data (e.g. disease severity), monitor environmental factors (e.g. soil pH) and worker activity (e.g. manuring and culling).

The software tracks various inventory such as amount of palms being placed in specific nursery plot and fertiliser stocks. Notification and alerts can be set to notify on the status of the inventory allowing the nursery operators to maximize the resources.

With AGRINOME™, all nursery activities are recorded and tracked digitally from end-to-end thus a record of all activities done by the workers will be available in the management portal and can be export in the reporting form of Excel or PDF. This will ensure the nursery practices follow the standard operating protocol (SOP) and ease the troubleshooting or optimization process when it is required.

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