Beyond fundamental research.
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Our Team

Standing from our 8 years contract research and collaboration experience on fundamental sciences in agriculture and pathogen research, the Agrinome team is formed to have a single minded mission to empower data, analytics and technology to transform our knowledge into real world application for improvement of perennial crops in Malaysia, starting with the most efficient oil crop, oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq).

Meet the Agrinome family.

Our domain experts work closely with farmers, researchers and plantation managers to understand their explicit needs and propose relevant Agrinome technology that can improve their current research methodology and production workflow.

Our software developers work hand in hand with the domain experts to design, build, install and test complex software application, as well as provide consultations from the technical point of view to continue innovating our products. Their roles are important to bridge the big gap between IT and agricultural sciences, realising the concept of “software as a service” (SaaS) and “digital agriculture”.

Our support engineers work closely with the software enginners in the software product development, and provide premium offsite and onsite support to our clients. Their roles are pivotal to ensure the smooth implementation of Agrinome softwares in actual commercial research and production environments.